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In this volume Dr. Mel goes beyond the blog with a curated selection of the most popular posts and the best stories edited specifically for this book, along with new, never before published written content and illustrations. Written for the equestrian who is just discovering the sport of endurance, and the more experienced endurance riders alike, learn how to: 

  • How to easily and intuitively back a trailer

  • Take control of your conditioning and training

  • Recognize and fix a "bonk"

  • The never before told story of Dr. Mel's first endurance ride

...and more from the running, riding, writing veterinarian and Singletrack Press!

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Get practical know-how from the running, riding, writing veterinarian

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About Dr. Mel

The running, riding, writing veterinarian

Melinda Newton, DVM is a veterinary practitioner and free-lance writer who lives in Northern California with her husband, daughter, and (according to her husband) too many animals. She loves a good story and lots of miles on the trail. Whether it’s on horseback or on her own two feet, Dr. Mel’s favorite distance is 100 miles. Is there anything more wonderful than running all day and night, and then spending the rest of the day napping on the couch? Her husband isn’t convinced and makes her get her own snacks when she wakes up, since any pain and soreness is self-induced. Dr. Mel been telling stories about running, riding, and veterinary medicine on her blog since 2009. Her mission is simple: Inspire and motivate readers to go out and do exciting things that make life richer, even if they seem impossible. It is the little steps and choices every day that culminate into your dreams.

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