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Learn the Essentials of Music

...and start playing now

Do you have an instrument that you’ve always dreamed of playing? Is your Grandma’s piano sitting in your living room unused? You are only one little book away from playing any instrument. 


Bar Napkin Guides are the essential how-to for the new skill you want to learn. It’s just like friends scribbling the must-do’s on a napkin during a night out. Except this one won’t end up crumbled in your jean pocket and in the wash, and the handwriting is easier to read in the morning. This Bar Napkin covers: 


  • Picking the right instrument (with three recommendations)
  • How to connect the dots between your instrument, a fingering chart, and the music in front of you
  • Other useful tools like metronomes and tuners
  • Specific tasks at the end of each chapter to keep you on track

...and more!

What People are Saying

This book is a MUST READ for anyone wanting to learn to play an instrument (or anyone wanting to enroll their children in music lessons). The author really strips away the "musician's lingo" and reveals what all of those words and terms mean, in a very common sense, understandable way. I've been playing a few instruments (on a basic level) for years, but this book was enlightening to me and explained a lot of things that I do, but didn't know why I did them (someone just told me "you do it this way" and I went with it). Now I can understand the framework... ~Amy V.

Fast easy way to pick up musical instrument. Makes learning to play a little easy. Fun way to start playing.

Great book! Got my husband (who doesn't read - crazy person!) to read it. He decided to take up guitar that day & did it! He has never learned to read music though he played drums for about 15 years. Very educational in an easy to understand format. ~ Teri M.

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Available from select retailers in both ebook and print versions. 


The cost of the e-book is less than a cup of coffee. Please consider buying my books, reviewing them on Amazon, and recommending them to a friend. It really helps!

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